We will never tell you that either you or us are right or wrong. There is no right or wrong in photography, there are just ways that will work for you, and ways that simply don't work for you.

We are here to expand your creativity by simply showing you what works for us and inspiring you to find what works for you.

Everyone else tries to tell you how to do things in a right way, has this been working for you? And how free do you feel to create what you desire this way?

Is it now time to choose something else, something totally different and unique that will bring you and your photography to a totally new level?

Are you ready to start a journey that is fun, expansive and, yes, a bit crazy?

To be creative is to do things in a totally new way, and by following the same old rules of photography, you are simply doing the same old thing as everyone else. Einstein said that doing something that does not work over and over again is pure insanity. Are you willing to stop the insanity and make conscious choices in your creativity?