Albert Watson in Maroc

An exclusive documentary by Andrea Belluso, produced in 1998 in Morocco during Albert Watson’s 3-month journey while he was shooting for his book Maroc, traveling from the deep Sahara desert all the way to Tangier.
A very special documentary that has not been seen by anyone except very few close friends and that Andrea Belluso refused to sell to the TV stations that wanted to buy it and also change it by turning it into a more commercial film.
This film celebrates 20 years of the friendship between Andrea Belluso and Albert Watson, 20 years since the production of the book Maroc and 20 years of photography and film with the enormous technical changes that have occurred since then.
Open a bottle of very good wine, turn up the volume and enjoy!
Please bear in mind that this version of the video is not the final one, since it was filmed in 16mm film and Betacam SP video and then edited in one inch video 20 years ago, the quality is not the same as today’s video and there are still a few glitches that are being fixed before the official world premiere of this film.