HoB Vlog 6

From Mallorca, to Stockholm, to...Australia!!!

We've been travelling like crazy, continuing our Light Crusade 2018 World Tour. And as if this was not enough, we are both in Australia and, well, wherever we happen to be. In fact, it's never enough! Mediocrity is definitely not our thing.

Amanda and Andrea have been on a mini-holiday (well, our whole life is a holiday) in Mallorca, while Viktor is still in Australia. Many people wonder how we do it, and especially wonder how we never get tired of travelling. Tired of travelling??? Really? How could anyone ever get tired of travelling, exploring the world, meeting wonderful people, creating our own reality and inspire and empower anyone who chooses to, to create their own reality, a reality that works just for them and not based on any should's and shouldn'ts.

What would your photography and maybe even the rest of your life be like if you didn't have to function from any set of rules and regulations and if you could be totally creative, out of the box and as eccentric as you wish to be? And what if you didn't have to fit into what a photographer looks like, how a photographer behaves and how a photographer creates? Could you maybe get into a greater and more creative space?

We don't keep any secrets on how we do all this, and we gladly share it all with you! We're travelling this beautiful world, so come and meet us in person when we're close to you, we'd love to meet you!

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Our Vlog 4 is now out!

Are we just working all the time or are we having fun creating non-stop? What if you could also choose to just create your life and business just having fun? If it's not fun for us, we don't choose it. Even a few weeks of freezing cold, snow and ice in Stockholm are totally wonderful and we love it!

Our vlog is not just here to give you a glimpse of our "everyday" lives, where each day is totally different than all the others, but also to inspire you to choose more for you, more of what is fun for you, more of what would give you total joy in your life, creating not only the pictures or videos you love to create, in your very own way, but also in all other areas of your life.

When we say "Expanding Creativity", we really mean it ;-)

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Vlog 3

Our third Vlog is here! House of Belluso were creating from Venice and Stockholm, and while Ananda and Andrea were in the tranquility of the city on water, Viktor was high on coffeine, taking care of the books and contracts.


HoB Vlog 3

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HoB Vlog 2

The second edition of our vlog is out!

Enjoy it and follow us around the world during our creations, travel, fun and much more!

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Second vlog from House of Belluso. Follow us during our life of creations, travel and fun!
Our brand new VLOG is out!!!

Every week we will be publishing a VLOG!

Our new collaborator, Dorthe Norh has put together this first edition of our VLOG and she is now already working on the next edition.

Many of you have been asking us to travel with us and to create with us and to be inspired by how we create our lives and our business.

This VLOG is to bring you all in our travels and to give you a glimpse on our life of creations and creativity and especially FUN!!!

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We met two amazing and extremely creative, talented, kind and simply glowing people, Pratik Naik and Bella Kotak, an incredible retoucher and a magic photographer! 

We won't even try to sum up our meeting here since Pratik wrote one of the mist beautiful blogposts we have ever read. 

You can read it here: https://goo.gl/B2aQTh

And here you can also watch our conversation on Zoom

For more Creative Conversations as wel as lots of other content from us, please sign up here: https://goo.gl/VCGdLa

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Competition among photographers

So many photographers feel that competition is just growing in our business, and they get affected by it by bringing their prices down, way below what they should charge, and often even working for free. 

what if there was another way to work and not to be bothered by the competition? What could you do to charge your clients what you honestly think you should get paid for your work, and what if you could do something that would dissolve your fear of the competition that could allow you to thrive as the photographer and image creator you wish to be? 

join me at the Standout Forum in Stockholm on August 30th 2017 to find put more. 

WARNING! Hazards could rock your world!

So many things are considered "hazards" in this reality, but what if you could look at some of these "hazards" as possibilities that could unleash your true potential?

Today we where at the beach in Castiglione della Pescaia, in Italy, and what at first seemed to be a translation out of Google Translate, turned ou to be food for thought.


How many things do we have in our lives, and especially our careers as photographers, that we often consider hazardous in one way or another? 

The unknown and breaking habits are often considered hazardous, for instance, but what if these hazards could really rock your life, your career and your creativity in a more magnificent way than you could ever imagine?

What if getting out of the box of comfortable rules could actually create the pictures you dream of, the career you truly desire, the photographer and creator you have always dreamt of being, but never allowed yourself to be?

#getoutofthebox #outofthebox #hazardrocks #possibilities #change #livelife #creativity #creative #creativephotography #creation #outofthecomfortzone #do #be #beyou

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Creative photography is not defined by its rules...

But by not thinking of the rules, you will become much more creative...

In fact, creativity in general is not defined by any rules whatsoever. Being creative means finding new solutions and not repeating what has been done before.  

Many photographers buy into the lie of having to know the rules in order to break them. This is not at all true. Let me explain...

Many years ago I got involved in a video production company, to produce what were to become the very first video portfolios for both models and photographers. 

It was in Milan, decades before the Internet, smart phones and when video still meant watching a film on a rather large plastic cassette with a magnetic band inside of it. 

The thing was that I knew absolutely nothing about video, video cameras, editing suites (that in those days filled up a large room with machinery) and I knew even less about the rules of shooting video and editing. 

To cut a long story short, after just a few months of enjoying myself, experimenting and having fun with this new way of playing with images, I found myself editing my videos at night time with an audience of 5 or 6 professional video editors from different Italian television stations, to "learn" how to edit my way.

I thought it was hilarious, but I didn't mind the company, and these very serious guys kept on asking me how I was thinking while editing to give my videos that tempo that was so much mine and against the rules. 

My reply was always the same... it's simple, I don't know which rules to break, I never went to film school and not even to photographic college, so I just follow my knowing, what is true for me, and simply what feels right. 

A couple of years later I was producing and directing my own TV show, broadcasted in 45 different countries, and that was after having been scouted by an American producer who asked me to direct some TV shows with Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Elle McPhearson and basically most of the top models of that era. 

What I am trying to tell you, is that you don't need to know any rules of photography in order to break them and then become a great photographer.  And if you think that I will be teaching you anything when you attend our seminars, then you might be disappointed...

But what I promise to always do, with my amazing partners at House of Belluso, is to inspire you in finding your own way, to show you the way on how to know what is true just for you and showing you how we do it so that you can find some more inspiration to create your own images.

Of course we also feel that there are no secrets in photographic techniques, so we gladly share our lighting set-ups, how we work with our clients, our teams, our models, and we will gladly show you the equipment we work with, but all of this not to encorouge you to copy us, but quite the opposite, to tease your curiosity in you finding your own way and to be more creative and to bring your images to a level you never imagined possible.

So, if you want your photography to represent what you wish to express, please stop following any rules you feel you must follow to create a "correct" image, because the perfect images are already inside of you, trying to come out, if you only allow them to.

Shooting for The Sleep Revolution

What an amazing (and intense 13-hour-long shoot) day creating images for The Sleep Revolution!

A company that represents not only the oldest luxury beds brand in the world, Pauly Beds, but also lots of other amazing products that improve our sleep, like luxury bed linnens, blindfolds and even pleasurable items from Lelo.

Even science knows and shows us that good sleep is essential to healthy living, and good sleep indeed helps your creativity too. 


For more on the photographic and creative process of this shoot, keep following our blog as well as Andrea Belluso's blog on www.profoto.com

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Playing in the studio...

We've just been playing in the studio at Infinity Studio since we realised we didn't have any good portraits of the three of us together. 

We have taken tons of totally different shots with different energies that we hope you will like :-)

This is being posted through our brand new blog at www.houseofbelluso.com that is just being born as we write.


 Shot with the Phase One XF and lit with the Profoto Giant Reflector 300

Shot with the Phase One XF and lit with the Profoto Giant Reflector 300

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First test post...

Good morning world! 

this is just to test posting from the phone to see if the posts appear online automatically... 



Well, let's see what it looks like... 

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