WARNING! Hazards could rock your world!

So many things are considered "hazards" in this reality, but what if you could look at some of these "hazards" as possibilities that could unleash your true potential?

Today we where at the beach in Castiglione della Pescaia, in Italy, and what at first seemed to be a translation out of Google Translate, turned ou to be food for thought.


How many things do we have in our lives, and especially our careers as photographers, that we often consider hazardous in one way or another? 

The unknown and breaking habits are often considered hazardous, for instance, but what if these hazards could really rock your life, your career and your creativity in a more magnificent way than you could ever imagine?

What if getting out of the box of comfortable rules could actually create the pictures you dream of, the career you truly desire, the photographer and creator you have always dreamt of being, but never allowed yourself to be?

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Andrea BellusoComment