HoB Vlog 6

From Mallorca, to Stockholm, to...Australia!!!

We've been travelling like crazy, continuing our Light Crusade 2018 World Tour. And as if this was not enough, we are both in Australia and, well, wherever we happen to be. In fact, it's never enough! Mediocrity is definitely not our thing.

Amanda and Andrea have been on a mini-holiday (well, our whole life is a holiday) in Mallorca, while Viktor is still in Australia. Many people wonder how we do it, and especially wonder how we never get tired of travelling. Tired of travelling??? Really? How could anyone ever get tired of travelling, exploring the world, meeting wonderful people, creating our own reality and inspire and empower anyone who chooses to, to create their own reality, a reality that works just for them and not based on any should's and shouldn'ts.

What would your photography and maybe even the rest of your life be like if you didn't have to function from any set of rules and regulations and if you could be totally creative, out of the box and as eccentric as you wish to be? And what if you didn't have to fit into what a photographer looks like, how a photographer behaves and how a photographer creates? Could you maybe get into a greater and more creative space?

We don't keep any secrets on how we do all this, and we gladly share it all with you! We're travelling this beautiful world, so come and meet us in person when we're close to you, we'd love to meet you!

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