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A day in the Studio with Andrea

15,00 10,00 exc. vat

Length: 25:48 min

Come and spend a day with Andrea Belluso in his studio!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to spend a day in the studio with Andrea Belluso, how he thinks, how he talks to his team, including the models and make-up artist, how long it takes him to set-up his lights and why he chooses certain Light Shaping Tools rather than others?

This video shows you just that and more. It is an invitation to more fun in your shoots.

  • Facilitating a new-face model on her very first shoot
  • Using different Light Shaping Tools to create different effects
  • The willingness to change your choice of light if it creates more for you, and how to do this fast and easy
  • Explaining the make-up
  • Setting the mood during a shoot
  • Tethering in the studio


Working with :

  • Giant Reflector 300
  • Softlight Reflector White (Traditional Beauty Dish)
  • Hardbox
  • Phase One XF