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Art of Light – Houston

40,00 10,00 exc. vat

Length: 2h 14 min

Regardless if you have watched or attended an Art of Light class before, each class is totally different as each class depends on the participants and their questions.
This is the recording of an evening class in Houston,Texas with a live audience of photographers that are eager to take down the barriers that limit them in their creative work. Some of them are also called on stage by Andrea and Amanda Belluso to take pictures as well as being photographed and facilitated.
You will see us working with:

  • The Profoto B1X with different OCF accessories
  • Facilitating other photographers as well as being photographed by some of them (live demonstrations)
  • Questions from the audience answered during the class
  • Creativity talks
  • The meaning of Light

Working with :

  • OCF Light Shaping Tools
  • Profoto A1
  • Profoto B2
  • Profoto B1X
  • Colour Gels
  • Canon 1Dx