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Creativity from the Castle – video series

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A very comprehensive series of 7 videos that will touch different subjects, such as creating with hard and soft light, selecting your locations, directing your models, being more creative.

This series is a great first step into a journey of expanding your creativity to totally new levels!


  Video 1: The Gentleman of The Castle: (Length: 11:36 min) Shooting a male model combining natural light with flash and replicating sunlight.




 Video 2: Hippie Chic In The Garden: (Length: 10:08 min) The Wide Zoom Reflector as a main light shaping tool and adding spontaneous elements on the go.




 Video 3: Wild on the Altar: (Length: 14:05 min) A beauty shot unexpectedly turned into a full length shot with Strip Softboxes and the Fresnel Small.




 Video 4: The Library Affair: (Length: 16:38 min) Playing with distance, shape and hard and soft light in a multiple-lighting set-up.




 Video 5: Balcony Flair: (Length: 07:53 min) The right shot on the very first click with the B1X and the OCF Magnum Reflector.




 Video 6: Stellar in The Cellar: (Length: 06:51 min) A one-light set-up to create drama with the TeleZoom Reflector.




 Video 7: Talk to Your Pictures: (Length: 16:15 min) A different way to choose your shooting locations.