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How to create your portfolio

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Length: 32:40 min

How do you want to present yourself, how do you want to be seen in the world and how much more fun could you have meeting new clients if you had a really nice, living and ever changing Portfolio to show off? How much would that contribute to expanding your business and your life?!

A Portfolio is something that you can really use to honor your work, yourself and your business. What would it be like if you let your Portfolio be a work of art in itself that you were so proud of, you almost couldn’t wait to show it to the world?!

Andrea has always, throughout his (unbelievably long) career treated his Portfolio as something that’s honouring of him and of his work and he believes in the old school way of having it in a big, flashy, physical form.

In this video, Andrea talks about how he creates his Portfolio and he shows the entire process of how he chooses which pictures he puts in there, which he takes out, in what order he puts them in, how he talks to his pictures (yes, that’s right) to have them contribute as much as possible and he shares a bunch of tips, tricks and tools that he’s gathered and created throughout the years.

And his way of doing this is as always, a bit different…