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How to run a successful photographic business – Andrea Bellusos secret recipe

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This video series covers all different aspects of having a successful photographic business. Andrea gives you tips and tricks that he’s used during his career and that he’s still using today in order to be successful and have fun with his photographic business.


Video 1: Pricing: (Length: 2:47 min) In this first video Andrea talks about how to price your pictures and to know your market but not necessarily follow the going rate. And most importantly, to not depreciate your own value.

Video 2: Agencies: (Length: 2:35 min) How do you choose who represents you as a photographer? Andrea talks about how it doesn’t necessarily create more to be represented by the newest, biggest agency but that you rather should find the people that loves what you do.

Video 3: Clients: (Length: 3:37 min) Andrea talks about how you as a photographer has to do whatever it takes and at the same time be willing to turn clients down.

Video 4: Lighting: (Length: 2:41 min) In this video Andrea talks about his favourite subject, lighting, and how you can experiment and have a lot of fun exploring the endless possibilities light gives you.

Video 5: Niche: (Length: 2:40 min) A lot of photographers think they have to find their style, their niche. Andrea talks about how his choice to not have a particular style has opened up possibilities in his career he never imagined.

Video 6: Business: (Length: 3:42 min) As creatives we tend to focus on the creative process and sometimes forget about the rest of the business. Andrea talks about how it doesn’t have to be hard work to run a photographic business and that you don’t have to do it all yourself..