This 5 day retreat is a multi-purpose event that focuses on growing your creativity and expanding your skillset in a learning environment that is fun, relaxed, beautiful, and highly engaging! The beauty of Sweden serves as a backdrop to five instructors that span across different genres of photography, lighting specialities, retouching, production, business and marketing skill sets. After these 5 days with instructors and a talented team, you'll be fully empowered to see the possibilities of photography light never before. 

Dates:August 1-5th 2018

Duration:5 days

Number of participants:22-30

Location: Sankt Olof, Skåne (Sweden). The location is around 45 minutes drive from Malmö,  90 minutes drive from Copenhagen and 6 hours drive from Hamburg.

Suggested schedule:

First day with Andrea, Amanda & Viktor - Explore your creativity and get familiar with the basics of lighting in a way that will establish the fundamentals while thinking both technically and creatively. This first day will also be dedicated to opening up your creativity like never before. This first day will be a mixture of what you know as a seminar and a workshop, where your facilitators will be talking about creativity and invite you to ask questions, and as well as Andres taking pictures of a model to demonstrate certain techniques, some of the participants will also be called on stage to take pictures as well as take part in techniques on how to interact with the model.

Second day with Bella & Andrea - Shooting in seperate groups. You get to choose what to shoot and who to have as a coach. Bella will mainly be shooting on location in our beautiful forests as well as shooting in the studio, creating her fairytale magic and showing you how to create it. Andrea will mainly be shooting in the studio, but also outdoors, and he will be coaching you on shooting high end fashion and beauty photography.
In the middle, we'll switch groups to ensure everyone has had a chance to get a chance to work with both instructors. 

Third day with Pratik - The day will be all about retouching, where we take the images taken from the first couple of days, and really get into the post processing with a high-end workflow. You'll be able to follow along as we finalize the images in a way that will bring out your vision. We'll cover everything from raw processing all the way through to color toning an image and everything in between.

Fourth day - Creating your own magic.

Creating your own magic. You will be invited to explore and create your own images with the tools you have received in the first two days, supported by a team as well as by your coaches.

Fifth day - Rounding out the retreat, this will be an open day with Q&A to ensure everything while everything is still fresh in mind. We'll fill in any loose gaps to ensure you're empowered to go out and create in a way that will expand your creativity. 


During these magic five days with us you will be creating with the following equipment from Profoto:

Profoto A1
Profoto B2
Profoto RFi and OCF Softboxes of different types
Different types of Beauty Dish and Softlight Reflectors
NarrowBeam Reflector
ProFresnel Spot
Magnum Reflector
TeleZoom Reflector
Widezoom Reflector
and much more...