What we do

House of Belluso is a creative platform for everything we do. Ours is not a conventional company. To say that we work with photography would be very limiting, although photography and videography are two of the grounds for our creations.

Our motto, Expanding Creativity, is our starting point in everything we do, which includes different types of inspirational and educational online content to live seminars and workshops, as well as commercial and editorial services and stills and video productions. For our services, including coaching and photography, we can also create something just for you, tailor-made and according to your wishes.

Words about

House of Belluso

Words about

House of Belluso

” Energy is everything. We are made of energy! “

As of right now, the best advice I can give you about life, is to simply be yourself. Being original and true to yourself will attract genuine people into your life.

Yesterday, Profoto presented a night of education with Andrea Belluso.
I thought we were going to learn about:

*specific lighting techniques
*camera settings
*light shaping tools
*and so forth

I was taken by surprised because; yes, we did scratch the surface on those topics but we spoke about something that was far deeper and far more important than photography itself. We spoke about removing the chains that held us back. As an artist, we have this ability to create without limitations, but somewhere along the lines, we bought into the idea that an image was to be captured a certain way. Somewhere along the line, people gave their input about what made an image beautiful, that many of us bought into their ideas. It was that, which began to set limitations in the minds of artists and that affected their creativity.

I look back and I come to a realization that I too was a victim of that enclosed mindset. I went into many photoshoots with an expectation of how how a shoot was to be or how an image was to look like. This caused me to focused less on my creativity. I began to think less of myself, as an artist, because I wasn’t producing the works that others were producing.

I shouldn’t have suppressed my creativity. I realize now that the images that I love most, in my portfilio; I created them when I had freedom of thought.
I created beautiful images when I simply let go of the “set rules of photography.” I created beautiful images when I had fun in my shoots. I created beautiful images when I gave myself permission to be free and to allow my own creativity to guide the shoot.

” House of Belluso opened up my eyes.
I now see my art and my life in a completely different way. “

I never realized this until this morning. House of Belluso opened up my eyes. I now see my art and my life in a completely different way. I now understand myself more as an artist but most importantly; as a person and there is no price you can put on that.

So to those who are reading this, set no limitations in your life. Divorce what you’ve been told about how you should live and how you should create. Live in the present moment and not only create works of art but create your life because your life is a work of art !

Andrea and Amanda Anderson Belluso; you all have been a blessing to me !
In my future; know that your guidance, wisdom, and teachings will embedded in my artwork and also in my life.

To all of my friends, if you want to grow in life; i ask that you live without expectations, love without limitations, and break free from everything that has stopped you from being the best version of yourself.

Thank you all for reading my words.
I wish you all an amazing day and live a life that will inspire others to live a fruitful life.

by Joel Ruiz