House of Belluso - locations

House of Belluso - locations

” We are proud to offer you two amazing and magic locations for your film or stills productions! “

Whether you only require our locations for your shoots or if you need support from any part of a production, we are here to assist you and make your shooting experience unforgettable.

From photography by Andrea Belluso for anything from fashion to beauty, corporate photography, portraiture, automobiles, interiors, jewelry and appliances, to videography for commercial films, feature movies, corporate or wedding videos,  to art and creative production for advertising, commercials and catalogues, to styling of any type, to hair and make-up artists and even models, we have amazing teams of the highest quality and caliber ready to deliver what you desire and more.

In other words, you can either bring your own production to our locations, or we can be your one-stop production house, from the initial idea to the finished printed product or film.

Creativity Mansion

Welcome to the House of Belluso Creative Mansion, situated in Skåne, in the south of Sweden.

Immersed in 16 hectares of enchanted forests, our property offers endless possibilities of creating anything under the sun.

You and your team will have the possibility of lodging at the mansion or you can choose between different castles and hotels nearby.

Within a 10 minute drive from the mansion there are stretches of beautiful beaches, waterfalls and mind-blowing nature with settings that resemble anything from New Zealand to Thailand.


One of Sweden’s largest photographic studios with a ceiling height of 8m, the studio is fully equipped with Profoto lighting and Phase One Cameras.

Castello di Casalborgone

The castle of Casalborgone is situated in the beautiful region of Piemonte, in northern Italy, 30 minutes drive from Turin and 1hour and 30 minutes from Milan.

The castle dates from 999 and has an incredible history of noble families, of wars, of parties, of extreme beauty and life through time.

The castle is perched on a hill surrounded by beautiful countryside and it also offers beautifully decorated interiors that have recently been renovated to bring back the original splendour of the castle.